Behind the Scenes: Krochet Kids Intl. & 31 Bits

Behind the Scenes: Krochet Kids & 31 Bits


“When we first went to Uganda, we didn’t want to start a cool apparel brand; we wanted to help the women in need, and the apparel brand was the gateway to do that,” says Adam Thomson, Chief Impact Officer for Krochet Kids International.

Global impact rests in our pockets. Where we choose to spend money on the products we buy can create positive life change for people around the world.

“Every purchase you make impacts a person,” says Kallie Thomson, 31 Bits founder and wife to Adam Thomson. “It starts with a person deciding not to take the cheap route of buying more and hurting more people, but saying, ‘I’m going to buy from companies I know have treated someone fairly and this person is bettering themselves because of my purchase’ .“

Brands such as Krochet Kids intl. & 31 Bits do not simply give back a percentage of the proceeds to those in need; they are impact brands, being the change agent for others.

Krochet Kids intl. not only helps the women employed through the company, but tracks their development and follows up with them after the program.

They have sophisticated impact measurement research backing their mission of empowerment.

“We had 40 women graduate last year and another 40 women graduate from Uganda this year,” says Jill Hellar, Director of Sales for Krochet Kids Intl.

Both Krochet Kids intl. and 31 Bits have social workers on the ground in Uganda and Peru doing research and reporting back to the states with updated information.

Whether sporting a KK intl. beanie or colorful beaded necklace from 31 Bits, there is more behind the product; there is a person behind the product.


Jill Hellar shares that KK intl. along with many other social good companies will be implementing “Giving Tuesday” the day after Cyber Monday in November.

“It is a day that a lot of nonprofits are giving the message that after spending all this money on gifts, take this Tuesday to give back. People get so wrapped up especially in the holiday season with the best deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But Giving Tuesday is a day for all people to think about how they can give back to others, and there is movement happening.”

Take a look at a BEHIND THE SCENES video!

A Big Thanks To:

-Adam Thomson(Chief Impact Officer for Krochet Kids Intl)

-Kallie Thomson (31 Bits Founder)

-Jill Hellar (Director of Sales for Krochet Kids Intl.)

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”

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