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Founder’s Picks: Holiday Gifts That Give Back

The holidays mark an incredible opportunity to give the ones you love something special. But let's take it a step further, shall we? This year, why not purchase items that not only make your loved one stoked, but also create impact in our world.

Shop Small (Everyday)

SHOP SMALL (EVERYDAY) The holiday season is full of gift giving; and the moment many of us live for is the expression of joy on the face of our loved one receiving our gift. As they peel back wrapping paper and peer inside the packaging, they uncover a gift hand picked for them. But somehow remembering this moment of joy get’s lost in

Feel Good Fall Favorites

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching and the smell of pumpkin pie in the air…take a look at some of our top local product picks to cozy up with this fall. Royal Alpaca White Blanket - Sackcloth and Ashes This ultra soft and medium weight blanket provides comfort and style for you and your home. Feel good because…by purchasing this blanket, you will also be

OC Social Good Spotlight: Purpose Jewelry

   PURPOSE Jewelry takes trending accessory fashion to new heights by providing professional opportunities for women rescued from sex trafficking.    Trafficking women and children for sexual exploitation is one of the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world according to Equality Now website.  Over 20 million people live in slavery in the world today, and the non-profit International Sanctuary provides the holistic care for

Behind the Scenes: Krochet Kids Intl. & 31 Bits

Behind the Scenes: Krochet Kids & 31 Bits “When we first went to Uganda, we didn’t want to start a cool apparel brand; we wanted to help the women in need, and the apparel brand was the gateway to do that,” says Adam Thomson, Chief Impact Officer for Krochet Kids International. Global impact rests in our pockets. Where we choose to spend


During the past couple years, consumer behavior has dramatically shifted towards a desire for more conscious consumption. This is the age of the conscious consumer! Lets first break down what the term of conscious consumerism means: Conscious consumerism is the act of purchasing products or services that benefit the world in some way with social and environmental considerations in mind.

10 Perfect Gifts for the Holidays that DO GOOD!

To kick-off the holiday season, we collected some of the most trendy and stylish gift ideas that go beyond just giving and GIVE BACK to the community. Each gift contributes to a unique cause around the globe to help those in need. Let's get shopping!

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