OC Social Good Spotlight: Purpose Jewelry


 PURPOSE Jewelry takes trending accessory fashion to new heights by providing professional opportunities for women rescued from sex trafficking.


 Trafficking women and children for sexual exploitation is one of the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world according to Equality Now website.

 Over 20 million people live in slavery in the world today, and the non-profit International Sanctuary provides the holistic care for the women artisans working for Purpose Jewelry.

 Purpose Jewelry is a social enterprise providing professional opportunities to young women rescued from sex trafficking.

What sets iSanctuary apart from various human trafficking non-profits is their unique strategy.

“Most women who are rescued end up being resold or willingly go back because the emotional, physical, and mental abuse has forever changed their way of living. iSanctuary’s program provides survivors with health care, education, assistance with loans, and much more. This reintegration process is different for each woman, but the main purpose is to show true identity and worth to these individuals,” says Christina McDonald, Purpose Jewelry’s Fundraising and Development Intern.

International Labour Organization says women and girls make up 98% of victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation.

 Through the making of jewelry each artisan with the company receives freedom and hope for the future.

“I never saw my role in the mission of ending human trafficking until I began at iSanctuary. I now believe that each person has a duty to fighting this cause, whether it be through giving, prayer, volunteering, etc. Social good companies are so crucial to our world (especially today with all of the issues we face) because of the need to help those who cannot help themselves. By supporting these companies we are able to know that there is good happening because of our purchase. Our purchases help reach goals to end injustice,” McDonald says.

img_9988iSanctuary is currently in the process of opening 10 new sanctuaries around the world and gaining popularity in their jewelry line.

We all can have a role in helping social issues globally; it all starts with where we spend our money, and choosing to support products that have a person behind the product. So next time you are looking for the perfect jewelry piece to complete your wardrobe, look to Purpose Jewelry with beautifully crafted accessories with a purpose that is even more beautiful; helping empower women to hope for the future.

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