Founder’s Picks: Holiday Gifts That Give Back

Holidays Gifts that Give Back

Written by: Denise Troy – Founder

The holidays mark an incredible opportunity to give the ones you love something special. But let’s take it a step further, shall we? This year, why not purchase items that not only make your loved one stoked, but also create impact in our world. We’ve compiled together a list of feel good companies that are doing their part to make impact in this world and give back in ways that ripple throughout the world.

Everyday products, making exponential impact.

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Rock+Pillar is an ethical and sustainable fashion brand that hires and creatively collaborates with 40 weavers and cobblers to hand make all of their footwear. They’re preserving the dying art and tradition of weaving and cobbling by creating economic incentives for our artisans to continue practicing their craft. They believe in community development in the interest of the locals and driven by native populations in Cusco. Rock+Pillar believes in fostering a rejuvenation and preservation of ethnic identity and cultural pride in both our weaving communities and our cobblers.

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TP Mocs is founded on the principle that everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed. With your purchase, TPMOCS takes meaningful action to address poverty. By expanding Tribe by Tribe, TP Mocs commits to providing employment opportunities and resources to Native American communities in need.

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Scout Folks is dedicated to creating a reality that’s outdoors and out of the box, so kids and followers feel the rhythm of the Earth. The products are inspired by earth people, animals, nature, the moon, and mostly… children. The line of products is hand-made in the USA and eco-friendly.


Siestas For Fiestas was born out of a desire to support their church in Cancun as they provide Christmas meals for families living in poverty. They work closely with Pastor Arturo from Fe, Amor y Esperanza to make this possible. In 2015, Siestas For Fiestas was able to be a part of feeding 800 families.



Krochet Kids aims  to holistically equip people living in poverty with the skills, education, and resources to change their circumstances forever. Through their multi-faceted and measured approach, they work with women in Uganda and Peru to create a path toward independence.


They’re creating drinkware to inspire, connect, and empower people because many of life’s most meaningful moments occur alongside a drink.

They’ve partnered with charity: water—a non profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. When you shop The Created Co. products, they donate 10% of net profits to help build wells that bring clean water to those in need.

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